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LIGHT SWEAT DENIM. This special kind of denim from Mac Jeans combines the authentic look of jeans with the comfort of sweatpants. Just like real denim, the sweat fabric is indigo-dyed and washed, giving it its typically grainy denim look. Thanks to this unique composition, the fabric will not lose its shape, even after being worn for a long time—and on top of that, it is comfortably light!

The trouser specialists at MAC Jeans, based in the Upper Palatine region of Germany near Regensburg, have been guaranteeing a perfect fit, above-average quality, outstanding value, and the very latest fashions for over 40 years. 


  • 90% Cotton / 8% Poly / 2% Elastane


  • Modern fit
  • Comfortable waist height
  • Five pockets
  • High-quality sweat denim
  • Dyed and washed with indigo for an authentic jeans look
  • Lightweight
  • Material mix with reused cotton and recycled polyester
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