Interviews 101

Interviews 101

Posted by LC on Mar 1st 2020

So, you have some interviews coming up soon? You need to be ready. Harpers is HERE to help!!! Not only do we offer the perfect interview suitings for men and women, but we've been offering interview workshops for years! We've been dressing interviewees since 1926...yep!...that's a mighty long time! 

In addition to LOOKING your very best (Harpers can help with that) you need to pay attention to the following:

1. Keep eye contact with our interviewers. They want to see YOUR INTEREST, YOUR SMILE,  YOUR ATTENTION.

2. WRITE DOWN EVERYONE'S NAME who is interviewing you. Remembering names shows you're attentive, smart and personable. 

3. Even if you are interviewing to join the circus, which we highly respect, dress for an interview -- look professional -- ALWAYS WEAR A SUIT! Don't assume dressing casually is ok...EVER! 

4. DO YOUR HOMEWORK about the organization if you really want the job. Look at their competitors...learn about the industry so you can ask informed questions.

5. ALWAYS BE TRUTHFUL. If you don't know the answer to a question, be honest about it. 

6. BE YOURSELF! No one can be better at being you than you! You got this! 

Need more tips? Come see us! We've been prepping people for interviews a VERY LONG TIME! 


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