Design it in the Harpers Custom Shop.

Choose Made-to-Measure clothing to:

-Achieve a superior fit that's not always possible with standardized, off the rack sizing
-Express their personal style down to the button
-Commemorate weddings, graduations, and other special occasions with one-of-a-kind garments
-Replicate looks inspired by everything from classic films to modern streetwear

Our Process:

Our Programs:

Custom Shirts from Harpers 75. Design with an array of fabrics from casual to formal, solids to bold prints.

The DataFit algorithm used by Harpers75 was developed from millions of body scan data points - reinventing the concept of "size". The program started with 75 unique fits (hence the name) but has now expanded to 100+.
We input a series of simple measurements and find your Harpers75 size: Rivington, Houston, or any of the other size profiles named after New York City streets. (And once you know your size, it's a breeze to reorder.)
Opening Price: $149

Custom Penn State Shirts

Any Harpers75 fabric and size can be customized with your choice of seven embroidery options, including the Penn State Hockey logo, the Penn State Shield logo, the Nittany Lion mascot, and the classic Penn State athletic logo. 

Take the classic American style of Hart Schaffner Marx to the next level with custom fit suits, sport coats, and tuxedos.

Established in 1887 in downtown Chicago, Hart Schaffner Marx is committed to high-quality clothing and American craftsmanship.


Founders Harry and Max Hart were among the first to introduce suits fitted for different body types, and this dedication to exceptional fit has evolved into the Hart Schaffner Marx custom program. Every Hart Schaffner Marx custom garment is made in the USA in Chicago, Illinois.


Hart Schaffner Marx Custom Suit

No detail is too small with Harpers Custom. Design a complete custom wardrobe of suits, sport coats, trousers, and outerwear.


Design with over 5,000 fabrics - including access to the finest branded collections from Loro Piana, Drago, Vitale Barberis Canonico, Reda, and Thomas Mason. Limitless possibilities and premium part construction.


Create anything - a chocolate velvet double breasted suit, a denim sportcoat with camo lining, a navy tux with your wedding date secretly embroidered under the collar, a floral print dress shirt, a blazer lined with photos of your dog.


We love to hear your ideas and help you bring them to life.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not provide measurements for custom clothing purchased at other stores. In order to make the best fitting custom garments, the vendor from whom you’re buying the suit/shirt/pant must help you measure yourself. Their process will not be the same as ours and we don’t want to jeopardize the success of your end results.