The Magic of Clothes Shopping

The Magic of Clothes Shopping

Posted by Bill Kavanaugh on Apr 21st 2023

When I was teenager, many years before the age of internet and on-line shopping, there was a genuine, almost indescribable magic about the clothes shopping experience.

I remember walking into my favorite clothing store, money in pocket, and passing into another world. It was a world alive with excitement and brimming with fresh possibilities. Because even at that age, I realized that the right clothes made you feel good and when you felt good, you acted different, and as we all know, actions have a way of opening new doors.

Inside, the store was neat and tidy. Shelves of folded denim, luxurious corduroy, crisply- packaged chambray, and smart-looking plaids, decorated the aisles, all in an alluring assortment of sizes and colors. Suddenly, the world seemed a much better place.

The two neatly-dressed men who owned the store, always greeted you when you walked-in, almost like they were waiting all their lives for your arrival.

And after some initial questioning, they provided helpful suggestions; you tried on a few items and a while later, left with some new clothes, a renewed spring in your step, looking forward to a better tomorrow.

Yes … It really was magic.

But, sadly over the years, much of this wonderful experience was gradually lost and many fine clothing stores (including the aforementioned) closed their doors forever, replaced by a more distant, impersonal, shopping experience, centering upon convenience and speed. As most would agree, this has been a welcome option for purchases.

But, clothing is somewhat different. It’s personal and a big part of what we show the world each day. And for many, there’s just something satisfying and tangible about feeling the texture of a garment, admiring its quality of construction and perhaps most importantly…trying it on. Because proper fit is so important and …we’re all built just a little differently.


And so, many years later, after moving to Pennsylvania, I was delighted to discover Harpers. It’s a place where you’re still greeted as you walk-in, often by name, as this is a business built on excellent customer service and an unwavering commitment to quality and improvement, while providing some of the finest, fashion-forward apparel gathered from around the world.

Inside, the store is bright and cheerful. Floors and counters gleam. Windows sparkle. Everywhere you look there are inviting displays of wonderful clothing, tastefully interspersed with local photos and other memorabilia, proudly marking nearly 100 years of its illustrious State College past.

And circulating about, you’ll always find a helpful, enthusiastic staff that knows and appreciates fine clothing and who take great pride in helping each customer meet their fashion needs.

Need to prepare for an interview, wedding, or other important event? Harpers has you covered. Not sure how to pair a necktie with a sport jacket? We’re here to help.

For him and her, young, or not so young, business or casual, at Harpers you’ll find selections that are fun, fresh, and ever-changing, keeping that magic of clothes shopping alive and new possibilities endless.

Harpers is thrilled to welcome accomplished writer, teacher, and fisherman Bill Kavanaugh to our team. Find his insightful and vivid commentary here on the Harpers blog.