Alan Paine Defines What Makes a Brand Special

Alan Paine Defines What Makes a Brand Special

Posted by Nathan on Nov 11th 2020

Hey everybody, it’s Nathan here at Harpers. Sitting down to write this article has been a privilege because it gave me the opportunity to think about what makes a specialty store special, and why our customers come back to us, generation after generation. Reflecting on what makes Harpers exceptional, and sharing what’s special with you, makes working in this store great. Talking about what’s exciting on the sales floor is easy because the answer is everything.

What makes a specialty store special? Whether you come in once a year or every week, we strive to create a warm, service-oriented experience with high-quality brands offered in the best stores in the world. We spend a lot of time focused on what makes Harpers classic and innovative, and how to keep it that way. Many hours are dedicated to deciding between fabrics and patterns, considering which brands stand out from everyone else. Each unique season allows us to have a fresh look for our customers. Conversations about different colors and textures arriving in our markets and global trends allow us to make choices about what ends up on the sales floor. With over 100 brands to review, picking just one isn’t easy.

Yet for me, Alan Paine defines what makes a brand special. For over 100 years, this company has taken great care in making clothing that is both beautiful and practical. From soft, sports shirts and warm outerwear to fine knitwear in luxurious fabrics like cashmere and geelong lambswool, Alan Paine’s striking colors were made for fall. Every year, I look forward to making phone calls to customers to get them enthusiastic before they visit about how good Alan Paine looks this season.

Harpers and Alan Paine have a 65+ year relationship. Knowing that history is important when I’m engaging with a customer; it makes me feel honored to follow in the footsteps of employees before me and continue the tradition.

I look forward to seeing you in the store this season. Whether you’re buying an Alan Paine for the first time, replacing one that’s seen decades of wear, or selecting a gift for loved one, I know you’ll appreciate this timeless, iconic brand and the unique experience that Harpers has to offer. Alan Paine is limited to less than 75 specialty stores in the United States, a relationship we celebrate and take pride in.