Thank you!

Thank you!

Posted by LC on Jan 4th 2020

Dear Customers, 

Happy New Year!

Just a note to thank you for visiting us and shopping with us during the holiday season. We strive to give you what you want -- apparel and accessories that delight you and yours! If there's ever a fashion line or type of apparel you'd like us to review and consider bringing into the store -- we certainly will -- please just reach out and let us know. 

We are having an end of Fall season sale in store now to make room for some new Spring apparel (yes, it seems strange to bring in Spring apparel in middle of winter, but that is how our industry rolls). Retail is always thinking ahead and it's nice to offer some nice Spring clothing to our customers who are planning to visit somewhere warm during Spring Break. 

Thanks again so much for visiting our store, our web site, and our blog! We appreciate and value your opinion on anything and everything we do because without you, our friends, our store is just average and unexciting. Giving our customers an amazing experience and exciting apparel and accessories is what makes us smile. THANK YOU!

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