Multicolor Classic Belt | Pampeano

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Known as Aztec belts or polo belts, this unique Pampa design makes an iconic statement both on and off of the polo pitch. Only the most premium, buttery Argentine leather and the highest quality threads are used in creating this stunning piece. 

This Pampeano belt has been skilfully made in their workshop, located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. True artisans take four to five hours to hand craft and stitch each one. All Pampeano products are are handmade by local artisans using local materials.


  • Argentine leather
  • Stitched nylon thread
  • 3.5 cm wide


The high quality, natural materials used to hand-craft this Pampeano belt means that it has been made to last. Use a leather cream to keep the surface enriched (making sure to avoid the suede) and use a damp, soapy, non-coloured sponge to scrub the threads in the direction of the stitching before using a dry towel to blot the threads dry.